Prep Transition

Upcoming Prep Transition Programs



These will be 60 minute interactive online sessions for your child where they can meet some Yarra teachers and participate in fun activities with fellow students. This is also open to families who would like a ‘taste’ of the Yarra experience.

Yarra Prep 2022 Transition #1 – Weds July 21

Yarra Prep 2022 Transition #2 – Weds Aug 4



These 60 minute sessions are for enrolled students and will be run at school. Each session will also have Parent Information sessions running simultaneously. During the final session, students will find out their class for 2022!

Yarra Prep 2022 Transition #3 – Weds Sep 8

Yarra Prep 2022 Transition #4 – Weds Oct 13

Yarra Prep 2022 Transition #5 – Weds Nov 24

Yarra Prep 2022 Transition #6 – Weds Dec 8


Successful procedures are in place for Kindergarten-Prep at Yarra Primary School. The focus is to prepare children and families for the next stage of learning. Our school liaises closely with local kindergartens, providing us with Prep transition statements and dialogue to assist us in understanding our new students. This ensures a strong foundation for developing appropriate learning programs.

New students beginning in Prep are invited to attend several transition days in Term 4 of the preceding year in preparation for starting at Yarra. We believe a seamless transition from pre-school to Foundation is important to establish a positive start to school life. During our transition program your child/children will participate in a number of exciting activities led by our Specialist teachers in Art, Japanese and Science. Children are encouraged to participate in the transition program in order to familiarise themelves with the school and better prepare themselves for the year ahead. Your child/children will also be given the opportunity to get to know the Foundation teachers and meet their future Year 6 buddies.

During the Transition Program, parents will be invited to information sessions that will cover topics of interest such as, the organisation and attendance of Preps in the first weeks of the new school year, the use of Compass (communication tool), details of ordering School Uniforms online and the registration process of TheirCare (Yarra's Before and After School Care), and the process for lunch orders. They will also cover the participation of parents as volunteers, School Councillors and classroom helpers.

For more information, please see our Prep Parent Handbook.