Japanese and Intercultural Studies

日本語 にほんご
All students at Yarra Primary School study Japanese for one session a week. Our teaching approach is based on fun learning whereby students can enjoy rich cultural experiences and language through a wide range of activities such as singing songs, playing games, making origami, role play and being exposed to and being provided opportunities to read and write a combination of romaji, hiragana, katakana and kanji.    

Students will participate in Japanese Cultural event such as Japanese Cultural Day, Japanese festival activities, and performance at the school assembly. Senior students also explore Japanese school life by interacting with students in our sister school, Chatan Elementary School, in Okinawa, through a Skype lesson. Lunchtime Japanese club will be held during some school terms

We believe in encouraging students understanding cultural diversity through Japanese language!

Let’s enjoy Japanese! にほんごを たのしみましょう!