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September 2021


Yarra Primary School acknowledges Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Country throughout Victoria and pays respect to their cultures and Elders past, present and emerging.

Principal's Report

Annual Report to School Community

On Tuesday afternoon I will present the Annual Report to the School Community. This presentation will provide you with the successes and next steps for the school based on assessment data and surveys. I encourage interested parents to attend as it provides an opportunity to learn more about the measures used to assess the school’s performance.

When: Tuesday May 18th at 5.30pm (presentation will run for approximately half an hour).

Where: YPS Library


I listened with interest this week the debate reported across a number of media regarding Naplan and test anxiety. While there are certainly limitations with this assessment tool, Naplan data does provide teachers, students and families with additional information regarding their student’s academic progress. It also introduces students to the conditions of tests or exams. We can find that a child does not always perform to their full potential and this provides us with more information to support the student and attend to their learning needs. At Yarra the teachers have been very clear that Naplan is ‘only one part’ of the suite of assessment tools we use and their results are not definitive. The calm and focused environment I observed this week during the tests is evidence of our teachers’ reasoned and supportive approach.

Specialist Science Program

Meghann recently shared with me student reflections on their Earth Space Science unit. These beautifully capture the wonder and awe of learning:

Laurence is so very excited to have learnt that the Earth rotates (spins) creating day and night. He stated to the class, this is very important information, describing it as ‘awesome’, because now we know why it is night and day on opposite sides to the Earth. 

Sadie was surprised to learn that the sun does not go up and down, and it is just us viewing it from Earth as we rotate, making it seem like it rises and falls. I am also grateful she had the courage to tell me she was confused and was willing to join me after class for secondary discussion and modelling to consolidate her learning.  

Edward excitedly shared with me he had downloaded the Night Sky app and looked at the constellations.

Science is curiosity. It’s learning about the world around us, asking questions and there are so many ways to start. And science, the big idea, all begins with asking a question.

Reminder: Prep 2022 Information Night

Just a reminder we are hosting an information night at YPS on transition to school for parents of Prep 2022 children. The session runs from 6.30 to 7.30 pm in the current Prep spaces (enter via Main Office). Please let your neighbor and kinder communities know about this opportunity to learn about our early years program in more detail.

Upcoming Events:

Pi(e) Day

Also next Wednesday YPS parent volunteers are running Pie Day. This annual fundraising event runs from our kitchen area and students can purchase a pie and soup for their lunch. Please note children will need to bring their coins with them to school. (The junior students may choose to hand this to their teacher in the morning).

World Bee Day

On Thursday May 20 Yarra Primary School is celebrating World Bee Day. We recognise bees importance to our livelihood as bees are critical for food security, biodiversity and the health of ecosystems. So dress up as a bee next Thursday (or wear yellow and black) and enjoy a range of un-bee-lievably fun activities! Gold coin donation will go to building a bee farm for our kitchen garden.

Looking forward,


Art News

Students across the school have been so very busy making beautiful artworks for someone special for Mother’s Day.

The Prep and Year 1/2 students created their own stunning photo frames using many different materials to decorate their unique photo.  

Year 3/4 students shaped a clay heart, which they painted and decorated to hang somewhere special.

Year 5/6 students used their colour knowledge of creating tints and shades to paint a heart image. 

I was enormously impressed with the care, effort and devotion put into these artworks.  I hope they were loved and enjoyed!

Justine Moore

Visual Arts Teacher

Sports News


The 2021 Athletics Carnival was a huge success. All students, teachers and parent helpers enjoyed a wonderful day out in the sun.

Students actively participated in a number of track and field events throughout the day, including sprints, hurdles, shot put, discus, high jump, long and triple jumps. Those who finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their age/gender group were awarded with ribbons for their achievements. Teachers also presented Well Done ribbons to students which they believed had tried hard and displayed the school values.

Buckingham House were the overall winners of the day. Davison House took home the Spirit Cup.

Well done to the House Leaders (Jemima, Tan, Ewan, Elijah, Honey, Jack, Rose and Joe) for their efforts in helping to organise the day.

A massive thank you to the following parent helpers and pre service teachers that assisted in the running of the day- Brett, Harley, Tash, Ella, Justine,, Jessie, Eliza, Alan, Caz, Matt, Georgia,  Lauren, Will and Tess. The day would not have been as successful without your help.


Congratulations to the following students for completing the 2021 Virtual Cross Country.

Jemima Green

Joe Rutledge

Eliza Rutledge

Harrie Martin

Finn Iozzi

Oliver Nathan

Olive Allen

Albert Allen

Rory Burke

Astrid Burke

Lucy Sadler

Safia Prasad

Ewan Bruniera

Benji Whitlock

Charlotte Riley

Sam Maughan

Kate Maughan

Astrid Keating

Florence Keating

Jemima Clarke

Jude Mclean

Louie Mclean

Ayaan Sachdeva

Winnie Huang

Fraser Blair

Ryder Huynh

Finn Hatvani

Vicente Valenzuela

Martin Valenzuela

Tomas Valenzuela

Kristina Bratkova

Julia Driscoll

Juan Lara

Edwina Keating

The winners of each age group were-






1st- Benji Whitlock

2nd- Rory Burke

GRADE 1/2 

1st- Charlie Riley

2nd- Kate Maughan

1st- Tomas Valenzuela

2nd- Ayaan Sachdiva


1st- Florence Keating

2nd- Olive Allen

1st- Vicente Valenzuela

2nd- Martin Valenzuela


1st- Winnie Huang

2nd- No runners

1st- Finn Hatvani

2nd- Sam Maughan


1st- Jemima Green

2nd- Kristina Bratkova

1st- Jude Mclean

2nd- Albert Allen


1st- Sofia Prasad

2nd- Julia Driscoll

1st- Ewan Bruniera

2nd- No runners

Lauren will be taking a team of 47 students (Grade 3-6) to the District Cross Country on Friday 14th May. Stay tuned for updates on how our students place against other schools in our district.


A big congratulations to Year 5 student Ella Nguyen who is currently competing at the Australian Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition for the Victorian State Team. In the classroom, Ella is a diligent and creative student with a love for art and writing. Her quiet and humble demeanour would not let anyone realise that she is also a talented performer on the gymnastics mat! Ella is a passionate and dedicated gymnast. She has travelled to Queensland to compete from the 12th - 19th May, where she will be competing against some of the top gymnasts from around the country, vying for the title of 2021 Australian Champion. We wish Ella all the best and can’t wait to celebrate her success when she returns to school.

Pi(e) Day Wednesday 19th May

Remember to bring your money in on Wednesday 19th May to buy some delicious pies and support our event!

Prep Transition Night

Wednesday 19th May 6:30pm

We are excited to announce our Yarra Prep Transition Night on Wednesday 19th May at 6:30pm.

If you have a child starting Prep in 2022 and have not decide on a school yet, or are just curious about Yarra Primary School, this is the event for you!

The night will include a tour of our amazing facilities, hearing from our Principal and Prep teachers, as well as an opportunity to answer any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful community!

World Bee Day Thursday 20th May

Dear Yarra Community, 

You may think that bees are scary and might sting you, but they are actually crucial to the ecosystem. Bees are important because they help pollinate flowers, helping them grow. 

We are raising money for our own Yarra beehive to make our garden even better. On 20th May we will celebrate World Bee Day. You are encouraged to wear yellow and black on this day.Please bring a gold coin donation if you would like to participate. 

Bees are our guest they don't harm. We are going to raise money for an epic Bee farm!

From  the Environment team
Flo, Bridget, Ollie, Alice and Lily.

Yarra Night at the Museum

Save the date for our whole school community event, ‘Night at the Museum’.

More information to come!

Important Dates and Events

Thursday 20th MayBee Day
Thursday 20th MayPrep B Kitchen Garden
Tuesday 25th MayGrip Leadership Conference for School Leaders and Year 5/6 SVT Representatives
Thursday 27th MayYear 3/4 Excursion to Dickinson Reserve
Thursday 27th May5/6C Kitchen Garden 
Friday 28th MayCurriculum Day (Student Free Day)
Monday 31st MayYear 3/4 Excursion to Scienceworks
Wednesady 2nd JuneDivision Cross Country for selected students
Thursday 3rd June3/4B Kitchen Garden

Further Ahead

Term Dates 2021
Term 2: 19th April - 25th June
Term 3: 12th July - 17th September
Term 4: 4th October - 17th December

Student Free Days
Friday 28th May
Wednesday 28th July
Monday 1st November

Community Noticeboard

Finbar Garden Workshop Term 2

Box Hill Senior Secondary College Sports Academy Trials/Open Days

Taekwondo Club (Korean Martial Arts)

Our kids & Junior Taekwondo program will help your children achieve greater success in life by providing training designed to enhance physical, mental, cognitive and social development. In a 45-minute class, your children will participate in a number of drills and skills that work on developing strength, flexibility, and endurance while increasing coordination, reflexes, and athletic skills.

Best of all, your children will love the excitement of learning Taekwondo kicks, forms, and self-defence techniques. They will look forward to coming to each class, seeing their classmates, and learning from their instructors. The Best Taekwondo instructors are experts at motivating children to give their best while keeping class fun.

At The Best Taekwondo club, your child will learn:

  • Better focus and concentration skills 
  • To treat others with courtesy and respect
  • Self-control and cooperation
  • Coordination and the benefits of exercise
  • How to set and achieve goals
  • Perseverance and never giving up 

We have a Taekwondo training every Friday and Saturday for everyone at Level 1, 281 Swan Street, Richmond, VIC 3121

(Kids classes) 

Friday - 4.15pm to 5pm / 5pm to 5.45pm / 5.45pm to 6.30pm 

Saturday - 10.15am to 11am / 11.05am to 11.50am / 11.55am to 12.30pm 

We also have adults classes for parents or workers. 

(Adults classes) 

Friday - 6.40pm to 7.40pm 

Saturday - 12.30pm to 1.30pm 

More information 

W: www.thebesttaekwondo.com.au  F: facebook.com/thebest.taekwondo  I : instagram.com/thebest.taekwondo 

Any questions or enquiry  

E: info.thebest.taekwondo@gmail.com  M: 0413 536 980 (Master Choi) 

Melbourne Softball Association - Minor League Fully Loaded T-Ball

Applications now open for School Crossing Supervisors

City of Yarra has opened up a new recruitment round for applicants to apply for the role of a School Crossing Supervisor.

To be successful in this role, the applicant must have a high regard for the safety of children and pedestrians crossing the road. They will have the ability to follow set procedures and guidelines while ensuring you follow OH&S safety protocols.

This is a rewarding role and if you enjoy working outdoors, short shifts, giving back to the community and meet the below requirements, then City of Yarra would like to hear for you!

  • Able to make their own way to the various school crossing located within Yarra City Council.
  • Report regularly about matters affecting School Crossings.
  • Attend on the job, paid training sessions and team meetings as required.
  • Able to complete the pre-employment checks such as Police Check and Medical assessment. They will need to meet the set health and safety standards for vision and hearing (applicants should consider this before applying).
It is important that the applicant reads through the position description. To apply, the applicant will need to submit their resume and answer the key selection criteria questions in our application form via this link: https://jobs.yarracity.vic.gov.au/cw/en/job/494974/school-crossing-supervisor

Applications will only be received and reviewed via the link above.

Applications will close on Wednesday the 23rd of May 2021. Successful candidates will then be contacted for an interview after this time.