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September 2021


Yarra Primary School acknowledges Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Country throughout Victoria and pays respect to their cultures and Elders past, present and emerging.

Friday 5th March 2021

Dear Yarra Community,

As I write this I would like to think that I will be celebrating the fact that our playground is constructed and we are simply waiting on the safe surface to be installed……let’s hope this is the case.  I’m not sure how many more bodies the Parkour can handle!

Thank you to the students in 1/2C who graciously relocated to the “green” door room so we could ensure all our students have access to learning onsite. Your kindness and consideration is appreciated.

This week saw students swimming to qualify for the next level of competition at Northcote on Wednesday 3rd March. We congratulate our five competitors on their skills and sportsmanship approach to competing. Congratulations to Ewan B who qualified in Breastroke and will compete at Regional level 16th March…. Good luck!

Another team on the same day were breaking new territory for Yarra Primary School – representing us in the Lawn Bowls competition in Fitzroy North. Congratulations to our “Crackerjack” team and their success, they now have a Regional level competition on March 24th…… Good luck.

All students also got the opportunity to participate in Hockey Victoria clinics conducted by students from Hockey Victoria.

School Tours continue to run on most days of the week in an attempt to cater for the demand. Simon is doing an amazing job showcasing our school and its most important assets – our students!

Staff have participated in another Berry Street professional development module learning about  Relationships and the positive impact that unconditional positive regard can have on students and their relationships with peers and teachers.  

Saraid has been in contact and delivered the good news that she is on the mend after her final treatment! Her focus is on regaining her health and building up her resistance. We look forward to her imminent return in Term 2 and unexpected presence in our online meetings.

 “Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.” R. H Schuller



Valetta McDonald

Meet the Shcool Leaders

Hey guys! I'm Edwina and I am proud to say that I’m one of the four fantastic school leaders for this year! Here is a bit of info about me. The strengths I bring to 2021's amazing team are Zest, Leadership, Perseverance, Love of learning, and Kindness. I'm a very positive person, quite a go-getter, and I love trying new things and giving up is not in my word book. I believe that everyone deserves a fair go, and all voices should be heard. My hobbies are Music, Travel (Particularly Camping), Running, Literature, other sports, helping others, and hanging out with my friends. Yarra is an amazing place, with amazing students, amazing teachers, amazing policies, and amazing opportunities. I hope that this year will be great, and I hope to see everyone developing a growth mindset this year. I hope that this year is fantastic for everyone and look forward to the bright future.   

I’m Julia and I’m a School leader for 2021. I’m generally a very positive person and this year I really want to see an improvement in growth mindset. Growth mindset is a really important skill to have and I think it is important that you show and understand it. This is a focus that I want to have this year. The strengths that I bring to the 2021 team are positivity, leadership, love of learning, humour and prudence. One of my goals is to put these strengths to work and do my best to help the school. I often use the character strengths while I’m doing my hobbies. My hobbies include netball, organising, writing, swimming and hanging out with friends. I’m really looking forward to this year and I can’t wait to achieve our goals and look to the future.

Hello, my name is Charlotte. I’m happy to say that I am one of the four, magical school leaders for 2021. I’m a very kind person and try my hardest to help as much as I can. Some of my interests include Music, Swimming, Cooking, Netball and the helping of others. The strengths that I bring to the team are Love of Learning, Creativity, Kindness, Leadership, Teamwork, Humor, Zest, Fairness and Perseverance.

This year I would love to work on adding to our schools Equality. I believe that everyone's voice should be heard, and it doesn't matter if you don't have a badge, everyone is still a leader and deserves respect. I would also like the school to have happy, kind, friendly students everywhere by the time I leave for high school.


Hello my name is Emma, I am one of the 4 lovely school leaders for 2021. Some of my strengths are Kindness, Creativity, Teamwork and Leadership. One of my interests is dancing, especially Ballet. I would like the school to feel inclusive and improve on their growth mindset. Looking forward to the year ahead. 

Our Environmental Leaders 2021

This year, we will have 5 wonderful Environmental Leaders - Alice, Oliver, Bridget, Lily and Flo. Congratulations to all!
Our 2021 Environmental Leaders had their first meeting on Tuesday with Zara, one of our 2020 Environmental Leaders, who conducted a detailed handover, explaining Yarra’s composting and recycling processes and program.  Zara explained the different steps involved in composting and offered to assist with creating a list of non-compostable items to assist the team. Our leaders are really enthusiastic and eager to continue promoting the composting and recycling program at Yarra.

Our Environmental Leaders met again this week, to plan and share their vision for 2021, including:

  • Coming up with new environmental initiatives for Yarra
  • Learning about current issues and identifying organisations to support these issues.

We look forward to showcasing all the work they will do throughout the year.

2021 House Leaders

Well done to all students that applied to be a 2021 House Leader. Your application letters and speeches to your peers were of a very high standard.

Congratulations to the following students who were voted in by their peers to be our 2021 House Leaders.

Buckingham House

Tan and Jemima
Davison House

Ewan and Elijah
Gardner House

Jack and Honey
Kent House

Rose and Joseph

Hockey Clinics

Last week Hockey Victoria ran clinics at Yarra. Students learnt basic hockey skills including dribbling, passing and stealing.Grades used those skills to play games like rob the nest, hocktopus and fruit salad.



On Wednesday 24th February 12 students participated in the District Swim Trials at Richmond Recreation Centre. Students demonstrated the value of Commitment by trying their hardest in their race/s.

Well done Willow, Charlotte, Lucy, Josh, Winnie, Jemima, Edwina, Fraser, Ewan, Raef, Harrie, and Heath.


On Wednesday 3rd of March, Lauren took 5 students to the Inner North/Moreland Division Swim Competition at Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre. Ewan, Charlotte, Raef, Lucy and Fraser competed in individual events throughout the day. All students represented Yarra with pride and displayed the school values of Respect, Caring and Commitment.

Ewan finished the day with 2 ribbons- a 1st place for the 50m breaststroke and a 2nd place for the 50m freestyle.

Ewan will now go on to represent Yarra at the Regional Swim Competition on Tuesday 16th March. We wish him all the best.

Lawn Bowls


On Wednesday 3rd March, 12 students traveled to Fitzroy Bowls Club, representing Yarra Primary in the School Sports Inner North Division bowls competition. The team played 4 games against 4 different teams from Oak Park Primary.
From the very start of the competition it was easy to see that all the training and hard work paid off, with Yarra playing very well, winning their games and cementing their spot in the next stage of the competition, the regionals. This will be taking place at Preston Bowls Club on Wednesday 24th March.
What was most pleasing to see was the way that every student encouraged each other and celebrated every shot played, everyone improved as the day went on and the team should be very proud of the way they played in all the games. I know their coach is.

A big thank you to Emily Hughes and Tim Grutzner for helping throughout the day.  

Bring on the Regionals!!


Respect the Badge

Blue Light Victoria, Victoria Police and BankVic are proud to present Respect the Badge, a Student of the Term award for primary schools in Victoria.

The termly award aims to acknowledge and promote positive values and behaviours in our young people and increases the visibility of local police in their community.

"Respect the Badge" provides support for all of the different badges that we wear and for the people and the values behind these badges. This includes the school badge and other badges that children wear in their community along with the Victoria Police badge. The award recognises the commitment and values that we all must have to build a stronger and safer community.

Kitchen Garden is back!

We’re back! It has been wonderful to have students back in the Kitchen and Garden spaces again. Lots of energy and enthusiasm has been required to overhaul the Garden, which was in a neglected state.Reegan has taken charge of the garden restoration and the kids have worked hard under his guidance to clear the weeds and old plants to make way for a new crop of vegetables. The students have especially liked the garden being open during lunchtimes on Thursday for all those willing hands to help. 

A very big thank you to Peter from Scotsburn Nursery for a fantastic donation of herb and vegetable seedlings to replenish our garden beds. Peter has been a constant support of our Kitchen Garden program and we are most grateful for his contributions. Many thanks Peter!

Justine Moore

Kitchen Garden Co-ordinator

1Thurs 28/1-
2Thurs 4/256A
3Thurs 11/256B
4Thurs 18/256C
5Thurs 25/234A
6Thurs 4/334B
7Thurs 11/334C
8Thurs 18/312A
9Thurs 25/312B
10Thurs 1/412C

Important Dates and Events

Upcoming Events

Monday 8th MarchLabour Day Public Holiday
Wednesday 10th March 
Preps @ Yarra
Thursday 11th March3/4C Kitchen Garden
Thursday 11th MarchPrep to 2 SEDA Soccer Clinics
Tuesday 16th MarchRegional Swimming Competition for selected students
Thursday 18th MarchYear 5/6 Science Incursion
Thursday 18th March1/2A Kitchen Garden
Thursday 18th MarchPrep to 2 SEDA Soccer Clinics
Monday 22nd MarchHarmony Day - Students wear Orange for this day
Tuesday 23rd MarchYear 3/4 Science Incursion
Wednesday 24th MarchRegional Lawn Bowls Competition for selected students
Thursday 25th March1/2B Kitchen Garden
Thursday 25th MarchPrep to 2 SEDA Soccer Clinics
Friday 26th MarchYarra Family Trivia Night "Stitch Presents..."
Friday 26th MarchSummer Gala Day

 Further Ahead

Term Dates 2021
Term 1: 27th January (Teacher's start) - 1st April
Term 2: 19th April - 25th June
Term 3: 12th July - 17th September
Term 4: 4th October - 17th December

Student Free Days 2021
Friday 28th May
Wednesday 28th July
Monday 1st November



Message from YPS School Council Buildings and Grounds Subcommittee

The YPS School Council Buildings and Grounds Subcommittee invites interested members of the school community, to join the subcommittee in what promises to be an exciting year.

The Buildings and Grounds Subcommittee assists the school to deliver its strategic goals for development and improvement of school buildings and grounds, by driving access to major funding sources from Government, business, and the community.

As highlighted in the school newsletter, we are in the early stages of a major project to upgrade a heritage-listed school building that is starting to show its age, to create new, versatile, and modern spaces that support the amazing education that happens inside.

Last year, School Council (with the wonderful support of many parents) built and strengthened relationships at Local and State government levels. Several Yarra City Councillors visited the school and we are in contact with our local MP, Richard Wynne, who is very supportive of our goals. We have also corresponded with the Minister of Education, to raise the profile of community support for the school.

The next YPS Buildings and Grounds Subcommittee meeting will be held on Thursday 11th March from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, at https://meet.google.com/oxw-cagt-cre.

We welcome the support of anyone who would like to contribute, especially if you have any of the following attributes:

  • An interest in the subject area, including best practices in school learning spaces, architecture, or trades
  • Knowledge or experience of seeking grants or funding from Federal, State or Local Government, or local business
  • Connection to the parent community and broader Richmond community

If you are interested in coming along, please reach out to Matt Gill at scbuildingsandgrounds@yarraps.vic.edu.au.

We look forward to seeing you there.



Yarra PS is a Sunsmart school. Click here for more information!

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Every Day Counts

Every Day Counts!

Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child's education. Students learn new things at school every day - missing school puts them behind. School is better when your child is there.

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