Welcome back to Term 1 2021!

Welcome back to Yarra!

I am proud to state we have had a seamless transition back to school, as the dust settles on our first full week back!

We would like to welcome Samantha French, who is teaching in the 1/2 Team along with Kira and Sam Fenton.

Jo Dalton has taken leave for Term 1 due to an illness within her family and Meghann Blakeman has taken on the role of both LOTE P-6 and Science teacher for Years 1-6, while Simon McIntosh is teaching Prep Science.  Year 5/6A kickstarted our Kitchen Garden Program for 2021 on Thursday 4th February, creating tasty treats that we all enjoyed!!

Welcome to our new Prep students who have found their way around the school, are connecting with their buddies and enjoying the change of ‘pace’ with their Specialist teachers. Preps will continue to attend school four days a week with Wednesday being their assessment Interview day until the week commencing 8th March. Prep students will attend school on Wednesday 10th March.

We would also like to extend a warm welcome to all new students and families to Yarra PS in the other year levels.  All students in Years 1-6 have experienced a smooth transition to onsite learning in 2021 and are embracing their new year of learning, challenges and friendships.

Saraid is in her final phase of treatment and is scheduled to return to Yarra Primary School in Term 2. This has been a long and unpredictable personal journey for Saraid and I’m sure we are all excited about her return.  However, in your enthusiasm to welcome her back I ask that you consider and appreciate that it may be an overwhelming experience for all concerned.

Our Playground installation is well underway with initial excavation completed. We are now waiting on a 62m2 reinforced concrete slab to be poured and the arrival of our upright poles (being shipped from Western Australia, which could face a minor delay with the current Covid related shut down).

As with any worksite, temporary fencing has been put into place to keep inquisitive students safe and ensure that any building materials remains out of reach. This fencing will remain in place, to ensure your child is always safe whilst at school.

We just had our online Prep Information Evening on Thursday 4th February and our other year level information evenings will be conducted on Thursday 11th February. These sessions are held to provide parents with insight into the daily classroom schedule and expectations. Your class meeting link can be located on the Yarra@Home page.

 Online Parent/Teacher “tell me times” are available from 15th-19th February, for parents to book a brief 10 minute session ( with a 5 minute change over period) and speak with their child’s teacher to share information about their child and seek clarification on any issues.  

Students from Years 3-6 will have nominated themselves for our Swim Trials which will be conducted on the 17th February at the Richmond Leisure Centre. Please contact Lauren Thomson P.E Coordinator/Specialist if you have any queries or are able to assist on the day.

 Selected staff (five in total), will continue through Term 1, their learning journey of professional development in the field of Professional Learning Communities and how to implement positive change within the school.

Last but not least, we have two positions vacant on School Council for 2021 and will be forwarding nomination forms and information to all parents via Compass. Please keep your eyes peeled for this information, take the time to read it and potentially nominate if you are interested in being involved.

Thank you to all for such a smooth start to the school year. I look forward to the next two weeks of activities.

“Don’t count the days, make the days count!” - Muhammad Ali

Yours in partnership,