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In the Languages Other Than English (LOTE) learning area, students are offered Greek classes from Years Prep to 6. The children work through Preparatory, Beginner and Intermediate levels in Reading, Writing, and Speaking & Listening.

The LOTE program not only enables the children to learn another language in a fun and enjoyable way but also the opportunity to learn about and experience aspects of another culture.

Children have 1.5 hours of LOTE lessons per week.


For over 4 decades, Greek has been taught at Yarra Primary School. We believe that it is through language learning that we broaden our horizons socially and personally. We become more accepting as we interact with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Richmond has, and continues to be, one of the most highly populated Greek communities in Melbourne and thus the Greek language is one of the most widely spoken languages, apart from English, in Melbourne.

Many English words, especially in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, science and philosophy have derived from Greek origin and so a knowledge of the Greek language can provide a deeper understanding of the English language.

At Yarra Primary, we embrace multiculturalism through our LOTE program. We harness diversity and share a firm belief that through the development and maintenance of a first language, a second language can be more easily acquired.

Children at Yarra Primary learn Greek in a cultural context, through various activities, drama, songs, dance and cooking. Through celebrations and functions we continually promote the culture.

Greek Mythology is also taught at every level. Our emphasis is to make learning a language enjoyable and to integrate it into our wider school curriculum. After all, Greece produced some of the most important and influential people, who were responsible for incredible discoveries and achievements. They changed our lives and still affect our ideas and the way we teach today!

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